Alex Blackwell

President and Director

Alex Blackwell is founding partner and serves as President and Director of Knowledge Clinic, Ltd. Mr. Blackwell focuses on e-learning, marine, general marketing and book publishing initiatives, as well as providing support for internal operations, technology and planning for the patient education initiatives.

Mr. Blackwell is the lead for management of Mannanan Marine, White Seahorse, and lead for technolgy with Best Patient in keeping with his long standing involvement in and a deep commitment to the development of Irish businesses. With a Master of Science degree in marine biology, Alex launched one of the first oyster hatcheries in Ireland . At that time he toured the country working with local farmers and entrepreneurs in creating their own small business units. He also addressed audiences on the benefits of starting their own business ventures as opposed to emigrating.

Alex is an entrepreneur who has successfully launched several companies. He was a partner in Starnet Media Group, a general services marketing, graphic production, and commercial printing company in the United States , which was recently acquired by a consortium. Alex has a host of business management experience and innovative marketing expertise. Alex’s past client base covers a wide range of industry sectors. These range from commercial and consumer electronics, to energy management, machine tool manufacturers, engineering, paint manufacture, food distribution, medical implant manufacture, medical education, travel and leisure and many more.

In addition to the business aspects, Alex is a lifelong sailor and passionate cruiser. Together with his wife Daria, he has completed three Atlantic crossings and has spent years cruising the coasts of North America and Europe , as well as the Bahamas , the Caribbean islands, and the Atlantic islands on their Bowman 57-foot ketch, Aleria. His dream to go cruising had started in the late ‘70s on a two week cruise aboard the original Asgard. Battling through a severe gale that coincided with a Fastnet race that claimed several yachts was a life altering experience. It taught him tremendous respect for the sea, confidence in a sturdy boat, love for a ketch rig and above all, that one can do anything if one puts one’s heart and soul into it.


2011-Present President & Director, Knowledge Clinic Ltd.


Independent Consultant, Marketing & Communications,
Westport , Ireland

Provide consulting services to small companies regarding marketing and communications strategies to fuel business growth, with special focus on the marine sector. Coach and mentor to small businesses and start-ups in business plan development, funding application, sales plan presentation, and marketing plan implementation. Specialize in steering small businesses through marine sector regulations and approvals applications in Ireland .


Vice President & Partner, Starnet Media Group, Inc.,
Allendale , NJ , USA

One of three principle partners in this business-to-business and consumer marketing and media communications firm. Managed client services, as well as studio, internet, and print operations. Started up the company’s web design and management services, as well as its book publishing capability. Built up the company’s advertising services from one-off collateral print projects to full service marketing planning, advertising and media placement. Created and developed a web-based fully personalized (one-to-one) marketing and printing interface. Personally managed the company’s largest clients including LG electronics, SONY electronics, Stryker, Barnes and Noble, plus several midsized manufacturers. Provided full business development and marketing support to spin-off start-up eco goods retail venture, Green Star, Inc. Company was acquired in 2009.


President & CEO, Fish Farming Services, Ltd.,
Newport , County Mayo , Ireland .

Created a shellfish and later also finfish distribution business targeting local restaurants to provide a market for Irish oyster farmers. Developed significant European markets for Irish oysters. Employed two full time and up to 25 seasonal staff

Wrote an oyster cookbook to teach restaurateurs how to prepare oysters. In 2007, expanded the oyster cookbook to include oyster facts and lore as well as recipes, and published Oyster Delight by Jonathan Mite for global distribution

Lectured on the benefits of starting up a small business as opposed to emigrating. Consulted on larger scale aquaculture ventures.


President & CEO, Mannanan Marine Farm, Ltd.,
Newport , County Mayo , Ireland .

Started one of Ireland ’s first commercial oyster hatcheries. Supplied oyster seed stock throughout Ireland and Europe . Employed five full time and up to 28 seasonal staff. Raised investment capital for expansion bringing in a Board of Directors comprising investor representatives and senior executives of multinational corporations.

Director of the Clew Bay Oyster Co-Op., Newport , County Mayo , Ireland .

Instrumental in forming an ecologically sustainable oyster fishing community in the West, while promoting sustainable aquaculture. The co-op was founded to protect the local environment and provide a sustainable income to its members, many of whom were subsistence farmers.

Chairman Shellfish Growers of the Irish Aquaculture Association

Travelled extensively throughout Ireland and Europe teaching coastal subsistence farmers how to grow oysters and other shellfish on their foreshore.


Marine Biologist, Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Laboratory, Eilat , Israel

Studied available local food organisms for marine finfish hatcheries discovering a diminutive sub-species of rotifer, which was particularly suitable for the earlier (smaller) fish larval stages, and successfully cultivating same on a commercial scale. This was subsequently introduced to Kiel University ’s marine laboratory



Commercial Master Mariner’s License (#2748015) with sailing and towing endorsements issued by the US Coast Guard.


Master of Science, Christian Albrechts Universitaet, Kiel , Germany . Specialization in Fisheries Biology with emphasis in marine aquaculture. Thesis written on bioproductivity of food organisms in large commercial scale culturing facilities


Citizen of Ireland and US. Married and residing in the West of Ireland.

Avid sailor, author, adventurer, and skier. Co-owner of 57-foot sailing ketch; exploring the US and Canadian Atlantic coast leading up to 2008, crossed the Atlantic Ocean three times in three years, 2008, 2009, 2010, and spent 10 months sailing throughout the Iberian peninsula, the Atlantic Islands (Porto Santo, Maderia, Canaries, Azores) and the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean.

Co-wrote and self-published a well received book about boat anchoring, Happy Hooking. The Art of Anchoring. Have published extensively in US and British print magazines and e-zines. Co-founded the popular website “about places to go and things to know”. Co-founded the children’s charity sailing event, Sail4Kids Make a Memory Cruise in support of the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. Member of Mayo Sailing Club, American Yacht Club, and Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA). Serve as the “cruising station” for Ireland for SSCA, a global sailing organization with more than 10,000 members. Also deliver global webinars about anchoring and other topics for SSCA University , an online teaching institution for the global cruising community. Restoration of old boats is a favourite pastime.



Commodore Kenneth J Starkweather Trophy, American Yacht Club

"For oustanding service to American Yacht Club"


Donald B. King Trophy, International Society for Perpetuation of Cruelty to Racing Yachtsmen

"For running an event that clearly dwarfs anything any race committee could ever create and bringing hope and joy to our most precious assets, our children."

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