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Pilot Program in Hypertension and Heart Disease

We are currently constructing a pilot program, the first of its kind, to educate patients newly diagnosed with hypertension what the diagnosis will mean to their health and wellbeing over time. The goals are:

  • To empower patients to take part in their own health care
  • To instill an understanding of disease progression and what can be done to maintain health in its optimal state
  • To improve compliance with instructions and adherence to medication regimens
  • To reduce costly complications and utilization of healthcare services

The program will include ongoing patient medical education, testing and certification of the knowledge, follow-up to measure compliance, and analysis to refine programming. Patients who participate will receive a certificate redeemable for rewards contributed by participating partners. is our interface with patients and the site will be going live soon.

We are currently recruiting partners to support the program in one of three ways:

1. Financial support for content development

We envision five or more partners from among corporations that manufacture products or provide services for management of heart disease. Their grants will be pooled to support independent non-biased development of educational programming.

  • Each of the partners will receive promotional opportunities for their brands within the educational environment, with complete transparency in participation.
  • Each of the partners will receive reports on the aggregated analytical results of patient participation and porgram comprehension.
  • Partners supporting the pilot program will receive preferential considerations for future programming and recognition in promotional materials.
  • Partners will also be able to promote ongoing clinical trials recruiting patients in this disease category.

2. Rewards donation for successful patients

Patients who successfully complete the specified course of study will qualify to redeem their Knowledge Certificate for products and services that will help promote their wellbeing. Examples include:

  • Samples of healthy foods
  • Free trial periods or reduced rates at leisure centres
  • Reductions on health and life insurance premiums
  • Vouchers for active vacations, etc.
  • Tax or other incentives

If you have a product or service that would benefit patients with hypertension or heart disease and you would like to donate rewards, please contact us for further details.

3. Analytical process development

We plan to assess patient understanding before and after course participation, follow-up relative to behaviour changes, compliance and utilization of health services over time, and report results on an aggregate basis to our partners and health authorities. If you wish to participate in the research by providing analytical tools or processes, please contact us.

The research results will be made available to partners.

The program development is supported by:

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