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We have a lifetime of experience working in healthcare marketing and communications. We periodically schedule 1.5 hour live webinars that stimulate classroom interactivity for a rewarding educational experience.  We also maintain an archived library of frequently requested topics for future viewing at the student’s leisure. That allows us to accommodate anyone in any time zone globally at their convenience from the comfort of their own home or office. Please contact us for details.

  • Cultural competence in medicine and healthcare communications (1.5 hours)

    Examine how genetic background influences disease presentation and response to therapeutics.  Transform your perceptions of cultures that have different mindsets about healthcare. Open your mind to different global points of view in an interconnected world. Poignant examples and personal assessments will enhance your own cultural competence and understanding of how genetics, culture and disparity influence delivery of healthcare to patients. 

    By Daria Blackwell , author of: Solutions to Bridging the Cross-Cultural Divide in Healthcare, PharmaVoice (September 2006), and Cultural Competence, Medical Marketing & Media, April 2005
  • Communicating with women about health (1 hour)

    Women are a culture. They make up more than 50% of the population and live longer than men. They also make 80% of healthcare purchasing decision for the household. Shouldn’t you be telling them what they want to hear and communicating in a manner they will respond to? 

    Based on the acclaimed articles by Daria Blackwell : Women Physicians are Waiting to Hear from You. Medical Marketing & Media, December 2002 and Becoming Woman Wise, Medical Marketing & Media, May 2001.

  • Ethnic marketing considerations (1 hour)

    Is a large proportion of your product’s target audience of a particular ethnic population due to genetic or cultural/dietary influences?  Learn how to reach your audience through targeted communications to subpopulations. Create a business case for cost-effective outreach that your management can’t refuse.

    By the author of:  D. Blackwell. Chapter 4: Marketing to Ethnic Groups, in Case Studies in Niche Marketing. HCPro, 09/2008.  and Connecting in an on-demand world.  PharmaVoice , April 2008,

  • Branding for pharma and biotech (3 hours)

    Highly visual and info rmative session about branding for global drug marketing

  • What makes effective advertising?  (1 hour)

    Through hundreds of examples of print, TV, and online advertising from many different industries, your team will get an appreciation for how to evaluate advertising for effectiveness in achieving its goals.  Multi-channel strategies and campaigns will be analyzed for integration effectiveness.

  • Working with your advertising agency (1 hour)

    Managing the ad agency relationship is often left to the junior team members who have the least experience.  To get the most out of the partnership and leverage your multi-million global currency budgets, give your team the insights they need to do their job well.

  • Working with your print and digital production company (1 hour)

    Otherwise known as “How to prepare a promotional piece that cannot be printed or posted” this webinar takes your team through basic production glitches that can cost your  company thousands to correct.  It will also cover the production process to provide an understanding of why it takes time to produce quality promotion.

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