Hilda Carroll

I am a certified meditation teacher with the Chopra Centre and also a life coach. Before getting involved in personal and spiritual development, I was deeply embroiled in the rigors of fundraising in the voluntary sector as well as corporate sponsorship.

My focus today is on teaching meditation, as I believe it to be a very powerful – yet simple – practice that can transform how we see ourselves and the world around us. The choices we made in the past brought us to where we are in the present, and the choices we make in the present will bring us to our future destinations. But our past does not have to determine our future. The point of power lies in the present moment, and to make our choices consciously – to consciously create our future – requires the development of self-awareness. Daily meditation can play a huge role in this, as I learned through painstaking research.

At first, I tried different techniques to learn how to capture the amazing benefits of meditation. But I found it hard to sit still for even five minutes. Then, a course in Primordial Sound Meditation taught me to meditate without it feeling like a discipline. I have been meditating twice a day ever since – usually for half an hour each time! I found the technique to be so effective that I decided to become a teacher. I am now a certified instructor of the Chopra Center and have been teaching classes throughout Ireland for several years.

I believe that the potential benefits of meditation at every level of our being – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – cannot be over-emphasised. Now, through webinar technology, we can share this powerful spiritual approach wherever we are physically in the moment. I would love the opportunity to share these benefits with you.

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