Key Webinar Features:

  • Desktop/Application Sharing: Broadcast a view of either your desktop or a specific application to training attendees.

  • Integrated Audio: Add Integrated Toll-Free audio service for the convenience of external learners or use built-in VoIP and toll-based phone options to reduce audio costs.

  • Desktop Recording/Training Playback: Record your training, including audio, and continue selling your work.

  • Marketing and Promotion: We provide free listing of upcoming courses on our catalogue, website, and social media. Additional marketing resources are available.

  • Online Course Catalogue: A hosted online course catalogue of training sessions allows people to self-register.

  • Full-Service Registration: Secure online registration page with built-in e-commerce.

  • Automated Payment Processing: Charge for your courses through our integration with PayPal™ processing services.

  • Invitations: Easily create session invitations and send them through Outlook®, or copy and paste them into another email client.

  • Automated Reminder and Follow-up Emails: Maintain contact with attendees by having us send reminder and follow-up emails.

  • Configurable Class Size: Set a limit on the number of people that can register for a training session.

  • Content Library: Organize and store reusable content, such as training materials, tests, surveys and recordings.

  • Materials: Upload documents, images, media files and web links for attendees to use before, during and after a session.

  • Tests: Use tests to see what attendees know before the session and to evaluate their retention during the session and afterwards.

  • Polls: Increase interactivity and get immediate feedback.

  • Evaluations: Assess the effectiveness of your training with online testing.

  • Reporting: Get detailed lists of session attendance, test results and evaluations.

  • Hand Raising: Attendees can signal when they need to ask a question.

  • Drawing Tools: Draw, highlight and point to items of interest right on the screen.

  • Timer: Keep track of time by counting down the minutes on screen.

  • Chat: Attendees can interact with anyone in the session.

  • Change Presenters: Use multiple presenters to boost audience interest. Allow attendees to share their screens as well.

  • Security: End-to-end 128-bit AES encryption safeguards all login information and training session data.

  • Tech Support: Free technical support for presenters and attendees during presentations.

  • Coaching: We provide presentation coaching services on request.

  • Art, Design, Copywriting: We provide a wide range of services to empower you be your very best.

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